zapowiedx miotu Tiana i neo internet

Our litter has finally arrived on November 18th, 2013. We have 8 beautiful puppies: 6 females and 2 males from the great match of our wonderful Tiana – Idalia of Mahagonii – the champion of Poland and Neo – Neiven Baltic Breeze – the champion of Poland, Denmark and Romania, holding the FT 2 and nomination for CRUFTS 2014. Both parents – Tiana and Neo’s Pedigrees have genes of the best kennels of Irish Setters such as: Daneway, Caspians, Scotselaw, Vicary’s, Lynwood, Glennara.T Tiana and Neo were examined for hip dysplasia (HDA) and inherited eye conditions (Neo PRA RCD1 clear, PRA RCD4 clear, Tiana PRA RCD1 clear, PRA RCD4 carriere). Both parents are the most wonderful, family friendly and balanced dogs with the great addition of hunting passion. They have exceptional exterior but most of all they reflect the best and most beautiful virtues of Irish Setters – perfect for the families, trusting, friendly, non- aggressive, intelligent, with the passion for working in the field. Our wonderful couple loves to spend it’s time with the family being hugged and stroked, they are also wonderful company for children as well as they feel amazing while running through the fields, meadows and forests where their hunting instincts are awake.

If you wish that one of our puppies become a part of your Family please make a reservation.