Our kennel

The heart of our small home based family run kennel is a wonderful Irish setter bitch Idalia of Mahagonii known as Tiana. When she arrived in our Family in April 2010 we did not expect that this adorable puppy would change our life so much and inspire us to discover new passions and interests. LittleTiana’sappearance was a real dream come true for our four years old daughter Marysia and we realized that we just gaineda new wonderful and faithful friend who became immediately a special member of our Family. Tiana’s intelligence, her ability to learn quickly, balanced and gentle character, her beauty and hunting passion are the virtues that make her not only a wonderful companion and adorable friend but alsoembody the essential characteristics of a typical example of Irish setter breed standard. Taking into consideration Tiana’s beauty and exceptionality we have decided that she should have puppies and therefore we should establish a small professional home based kennel, where Tiana’s offspring couldget to know the environment, socialize in the warmth of hearth and homewith other dogs and people by participating in the puppies socialization programme. We would like to especially thank  WojciechKryger – the breeder from Mahagoniikennel and all the people involved for our wonderful Tiana – Idaliaof Mahagonii and also for their commitment, knowledge, experience and support of our new passion as well as for their help in establishing our kennel.

Dear Friends – Thank you!